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3 Ways to Save

Learn the Three Ways to Save Big!

USANA Save Money

If you are like most people, you order USANA products often to maintain your health. What you may not know is USANA rewards people who keep reordering with multiple discounts. Learn the 3 ways to save:

1) Preferred Pricing
2) Initial Order Reward
3) Auto Order Discount

You can get all these discounts at the same time. With this knowledge you will be able to purchase USANA products at a price lower than you've ever paid before.

Watch this video to follow the step-by-step instructions on how to purchase USANA products online so you get these three discounts: Watch Video

Here is a Quick Summary of How it Works:

USANA Preferred Pricing



Savings #1: Preferred Pricing

Preferred customers get the absolute lowest price as soon as they enroll in the preferred customer program. This is called the Preferred Price.

You can stop there or you can choose to save more money with an initial order reward (10% more savings) plus an auto order discount (another 10% savings!)




USANA Initial Order Reward



Savings #2: Initial Order Reward

In addition to the preferred price, new preferred customers can receive an additional 10% discount based on their initial order. To receive the 10% reward, the new preferred customer must place an initial order and then set up a reoccuring order through Auto Order. The reward will be split in half and paid during the customer's next two reoccuring shipments. 





USANA Initial Order Reward



Savings #3: Auto Order Discount

Preferred customers can save a third time with Auto Order. When a preferred customer creates a reoccuring order they will receive a 10% discount on the entire order. This is in addition to the preferred pricing and the initial order reward.