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Take the USANA Health Assessment

USANA true health assessment

At USANA we understand what it takes to create a healthy body. Everyone is different and each of us lives a distinct lifestyle. Each of our health needs are incredibly personal. How can you be sure that you are getting the nutrition you need? USANA has a solution...

This assessment is an innovative personal approach to health that takes only 10 minutes to complete. The best of all...It costs nothing! This intuitive program gathers information about your current health status, lifestyle, and biometrics things like your height and weight. You will receive three reports via email:

1) Your Health Risk Areas, 2) Your Lifestyle Plan, and 3) Your Personalized Product Recommendations

When you go through the USANA True Health Assessment, you are getting access to more than 20 years of top-notch research and development knowledge from USANA scientists.

Take the True Health Assessment and USANA will give you a road map to maintaining true health. It's easy and anyone can do it.


Take the USANA True Health Test 

Take the USANA True Health Assessment