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Nutrimeal Free is a plant-based, nutritious source of protein that is pleasantly delicious and far from overbearing. If you’re in the mood to blend it with a handful of your favorite fruits or vegetables, go right ahead! Mix it your way. The mild, agreeable flavor complements just about anything you can think up.

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Nutrimeal™ Free a nutritious, plant-based meal replacement shake

You want food that’s clean, pure, and above all, healthy. You may not want gluten, dairy, or soy—but you still need something that will fill you up and give you the energy you need to take on the day.

That’s why we created nutrimeal free. It’s a meal replacement shake formulated with a complete vegetable protein, and it’s unique for what it doesn’t contain— no fructose, gluten, dairy, or soy. It’s packed with protein to give you sustained energy, and it has plenty of fiber to support healthy digestion. Oh, and did we mention it’s vegetarian friendly?

This shake is an ideal source of nutrition for when you want to detox and cleanse, or if you need a simple, convenient, meal replacement without an overpowering flavor. GET HEALTHY
Low glycemic
Vegetarian friendly
Gluten free†
Packed with protein and fiber
Complete vegetable protein†

For our customers sensitive to gluten: No gluten-containing ingredients are used in this product. However, Nutrimeal Free is produced in a facility that manufactures other foods that do contain gluten.

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